The Kick – Part 2

With no time left on the clock, Montreal trails by 2 points.  Their place kicker, Damon Duval, lines up to kick a 43 yard field goal to win the game.  He broke the CFL record for points scored this year.  The prospects of him missing are remote.

The ball is snapped, pinned, kicked… and it’s wide!  IT’S WIDE!!!  The Saskatchewan Roughriders are the 2009 Grey Cup Champions!  Two Grey Cup victories in three years!  We are a dynasty!  Players are jumping up and down, bedlam ensues, WE ARE THE CHAMPS!!!!  WE ARE THE CHAMPS!!!   WE ARE THE 2009 GREY CUP CHAMPS!!!!

Then we see the flag on the field.  Everyone stops, holds their breath.  The officials convene.  What are they saying?  Then the head referee steps forward, switches on his mic.

“Too many men.  Saskatchewan.  10 yard penalty.”

The ball is moved forward 10 yards.  Duval puts it through the uprights and Montreal wins the Cup.  It was like an atomic bomb exploded inside the heart of the Rider Nation.  Montreal 28 – Saskatchewan 27.

I feel very, very numb this morning.  The only thought going through my mind is… ‘next year’.  We need to get back there next year and atone for this heart break.  It’s the only thing that will numb the pain.

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