Nobody Fucks with the Rider Nation!!!

There were two plastic fuck dolls at the Rider game last night.  One was dressed in green, and was riding another one, dressed in red.  I have never been to a game with more palpable energy flowing freely through 30,000 fans.  My ass didn’t touch the seat the whole game.  There were waves of sonic fury every time Calgary touched the ball.  People were dressed like green freaks of nature, singing, booing, chanting, yelling and dancing.  Nobody fucks with the Rider Nation!

The Saskatchewan Roughriders are going to the Grey Cup for the second time in three years.  It was 43 years ago today that the team captured its first Grey Cup and it was 20 years ago today that they raised it above their heads for the second time.  Something magical is happening this season.  We’re going to the Cup again, and we’re doing it in a workmanlike fashion.  We’re doing it with an elite group of Canadian receivers, and we’re doing it despite being picked to finish last in the Western Division by many so called ‘experts’ in the media.  We’re doing it upon the shoulders of a Rider Nation so dedicated, that it truly does affect play on the field.  Opposing teams can’t hear themselves think when they have the ball, and yet when the Riders take over, fans quiet right down.

Honestly, the best part of being a fan this season, has been being a fan in the stands this season.  I watched six home games, and I even caught one away game from Bucharest.  It’s going to be a great match-up this weekend.  When our team takes the field against the Montreal Allouettes in Calgary, it’s going to feel like another home game.  Once again, the Rider Nation will carry the day!

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