Western Finals and Eastern Premieres

In just over 3 hours, the Roughriders will be hosting the Calgary Stampeders in the Western Final.  One more win and we’re in the Grey Cup!

You can feel the energy in the city tepidly building upwards.  I’m nervous about trying to beat the same team four times in one season, but on the other hand, this game is a playoff game.  Win and you’re in the Championship game, lose and you go home.  It’s no longer about beating the same team four times… it’s about beating your opponent on this one particular day.  Go Riders!!!

I also spoke to Laura this morning on SKYPE.  She promised to wear one of her Rider shirts this evening while the team plays (it’s 7:30pm in Bucharest right now).  I’ve been mailing her little care packages.  In the two I sent her, I’ve included University of Regina newspapers and in the latest one, my play.

She’s really excited about the play and she wants to translate it into Romanian so it can be performed this year in Bucharest.  She really believes it will be successful.  We made plans to organize a reading circle with some of her classmates when I’m there in January.  It’s possible that my play could have its world premiere in a foreign country, in a language I don’t understand (yet).

I guess watching something I’ve written in English, but performed in Romanian, would be a pretty interesting way to learn the language.

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