It Begins

Yesterday was the day the game changed.

An email from CBC showed up in my inbox yesterday morning.  Development on ‘Crimes of the Art’ will begin immediately, and will conclude Mar 1, 2010.  We could be in production on the series by June 2010.  This series represents our biggest, most ambitious project to date (Urban Future is still at the proposal stage).  It’s real.  It’s really real.

As if that news wasn’t enough to take in, I still had a conference call with PJ and Ken to conduct in regards to The Mother’s Day game.  The game was selected by Multiplat-forum to be presented to a panel of experts.  The call went very well.  We have solid momentum, and there is a tangible excitement in the air.

The day required some quiet reflection when all the dust settled.  My thoughts were bouncing off the walls… everything from bringing Jazzy home for Christmas, to shooting another teaser in Bucharest, to hiring team members, to logistics, to… Courtney.

She came by the office to work on her psychology essay and over the course of the evening we covered off everything from cognitive dissonance to the deceptive nature of baby seals.  We danced to Harry Belafonte and we cuddled on the futon.

In a day full of awesomeness, the absolute highlight was holding her close to me, being perfectly alone with her on the futon, and crafting a perfectly formed moment.

2 thoughts on “It Begins

  1. Everyone knows that baby seals are not deceptive. In fact, it is polar bears that one should be on gaurd about. If you walked past a baby seal it would look up at you, lovingly, with his big eyes, and smile. If you were to walk by a big polar bear, he would chomp you in a hellova hurry. Thus the nature of, small, furry, cute, and darling little baby seals, it not deceptive.As well, polar bears are highly dangerous.

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