I spent most of my walk to Atlantis this morning, composing a single text message on my cell phone.  I’m kind of slow, and my phone kind of sucks for texting.  I pulled my phone out at Broad & 13th, and didn’t finish until I reached Vic & Hamilton.  I cut through two parking lots, so the distance is pretty much a straight diagonal line from my apartment to the coffee shop… about 2 blocks.

Driving while texting or talking on a cell phone will be banned in Saskatchewan, come January.  Given the difficulty I had just trying to walk and text, I generally support the legislation, though I will have to buy one of those stupid looking wireless handsets for my car.  My thoughts turn to Chantel, one of my friends who might completely lose her ability to communicate with the outside world when this legislation comes into effect.

Chantel is like the Stephen Hawking of cell phone users.  Like Hawking, she is brilliant in her own right, and also like Hawking, she communicates with the outside world using an electronic device.  Looking into her eyes and trying to read her thoughts is a completely futile exercise.  You get nothing.  She would be an amazing poker player, if you could actually pry the cell phone from her hands.  She’s also a really good driver (unless you ask her to parallel park).  She loves her truck.

I’m really really worried about her.  In forty five days, she’ll be faced with an identity crisis.  She’ll have to give up her ability to communicate, or give up driving.  We simply have not developed the technology to allow her to do both and this reality might force her to move to some dusty 3rd world country like British Columbia, just so she could continue to be herself.

I’m thinking of starting some sort of awareness campaign.

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