It’s All Good

It’s Monday morning in Atlantis.  The sun is shining bright, and the temperature is going to hit 8 degrees today.  Not bad for November 9 in Saskatchewan.  You couldn’t ask for a nicer day.

Last week I entered my play into the Spring Festivals of New Plays, and find out in January if it’s accepted.  I also submitted The Mothers Day Game for consideration at a Showcase competition.  I changed my facebook status to read, ‘in a relationship’.  I deposited some long awaited cheques in the bank.  I found a way to bring new life to an old project.  I met my new printer.  I took my writing to new heights with a philosophy exercise.  I watched history unfold before my eyes in Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field.

Last week was a pretty good week and I think this can be the beginning of another good week.  I am keen to get started on writing the episode summaries of a new series we’re doing for SCN.  I also find out if InJustice will be nominated for a Showcase Award.  News may yet come down the pipe in relation to a project I talked about last week, and in two hours, I enter what could be the biggest meeting of the year for The Mothers Day game.  I also plan to add 5 more pounds to my bench press and see how I do.

Someone should write a song about this week.

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