Moving On From the Motion Sickness

“Motion sickness.  It’s the price of rootlessness.  The only cure?  To keep moving.”

The above is some dialogue I learned once upon a time when I played a number of characters from ‘Angels in America’ a few years ago in an acting class at the U of R.  Last night, I once again found myself, up on my feet, moving and learning dialogue.  This time, it was a pitch, not a play that I was perfecting.

It’s funny how words on a page seem so eloquent when read, but sound so full of bullshit when said.  I had written a page and a half of content that I was working towards getting out.  But as I worked through it I began editing in my head, crossing shit out, moving other things around.  The structure is much better now.  I still have half a page to learn, but I got the tough stuff out of the way.  Hopefully I’ll have meetings set up next week so I can get this project moving.

I’m talking about The Mothers Day game of course.  It feels good to move forward with something positive after being kicked in the nuts really hard on Wednesday.  More than that, I feel like I’m really finding my place in this project.  It’s gonna be a gooder if we can get our funding.

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