The reading circle for my play begins in 33 minutes.  I’m sitting on the couch in the theatre lounge, nervous as fuck.

I’m thinking of scenes I want to add.  I’m replaying moments from my life through my mind.  I’m thinking about questions I wish to pose to the cast and anyone else in the room afterwards.  I’m thinking about an email I just received about the play.

Later tonight, I’ll be participating in a reading circle with playwright, Cheryl Jack.  Her script is 67 pages.  Mine is 55.  I’m interested in how it times out.  I’m interested in how mine times out.  I’m interested in how both plays will ‘feel’.

Gerald Lenton-Young, an actor/director/professor and mentor just walked by, wishing me luck with the reading.  I guess a lot of people in the Theatre Department know about it.

25 minutes to go.  Guess I’ll start getting ready.  Wish me luck.

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