More Betterer

Yesterday was undramatic, except for the drama part.  I finished my play on Monday night and I spent yesterday distributing it to my cast and trusted colleagues who might be able to provide insightful critical feedback.  The reading will take place next Monday and I’ve made a point not to go back to it until I hear more perspectives on it.  I feel like it needs more scenes to flesh out some of the themes, but I don’t want to dive in without giving it a good think.

I also spent the day researching theatre companies in Toronto, getting a feel for how receptive different companies are to new plays.  I will research New York next, and other cities after that.  I won’t be sending anything to them until the play is done done done and polished well.  Most of these companies indicated that they’ll need 3 – 6 months to read a play, due to the volume of submissions they receive.  I also intend to send the play off today to the Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre for some dramaturgical feedback.

Indeed, I have reached one more ‘beginning and end’ for this phase of the play.  I can feel that in my bones.  Writing it over the last three weeks has been an amazing experience.  At times, I felt like I was channelling something bigger than myself.  Writers write and I truly felt like I was being me at my best during this period.

The next few months will see me at my more betterer as I dive deeper, gain more perspectives, and learn more about this craft.

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