I’m going back to high school, my old high school to be specific.  Beginning next Wednesday, I’ll be teaching a Media Arts class at Archbishop M. C. O’Neill High School, one day a week, until I the end of the semester.  I’m really thrilled about it because I enjoy teaching.  Teaching is another way to live completely in a moment.  You have to connect with people, you have to check in occasionally to make sure they’re with you, and if they’re not, you have to find another way to engage them.  It’s an intense mental effort, one that I alway find rewarding.

I also got a new writing gig on Friday.  I’ll be writing six episode treatments for a lifestyle series called ‘Moccasin Enterprises’.  I’m really looking forward to sinking my teeth into something new.

I ended the day watching ‘I Love You, Man’ at Cris’s house.  The movie creeped me out a bit.  It’s about a guy who doesn’t have any male friends and he’s getting married and needs groomsmen for his wedding party.  The movie forced me to look at myself in an uncomfortable way.  I’m a guy who doesn’t have a lot of guy friends.  Most of my close friends are women.  I actually had to do a mental inventory of who I would consider to be a close ‘guy’ friend, and when was the last time I hung out with him?  Immediately, I came to the realization that it was only two days ago that I hung out with the Romanian Syndicate.  But then, unease set in as I realized that some of those ‘guys’ barely qualify as guys.

I wonder if I’m in danger of having my Man Badge revoked?

2 thoughts on “Musing

  1. …What’s… A Man Badge? Derp.

    I wouldn’t worry about a lack of male friends when many males, as can be seen by some in the class can be real jerks. The real worry for myself is being associated with some of them that seem to be out to embarrass all humanity. Be proud of your immense awesome abilities and not worry about the lack others possess.

  2. having no friends of the same sex is a telling sign that you are indeed gay. further, just look at those lush breasts protruding under than pink blanketness. surely that is why you chose this photo, in the hopes that some man out in the blogosphere will take notice…

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