Despite a life time of traumatic experiences and hard living, Courtney remains one of the least fucked up people I’ve ever met.  She’s taken all of it… the memories, the abuse, the threats, the shit, and she’s turning it into something that will bring good into the world.  She’s going to touch the lives of many people, helping them find their own way towards the light.  She’s got an open heart tucked safely inside a bullet proof exterior and the cold hasn’t taken her warmth away.

1 thought on “Courtney

  1. I have read over your blogs, and I have to say, i belive you have a gift. I can’t wait to read your play. It’s refreshing to read the honesty and the realism that you convey in your blog. You capture with words the magic of moments you have lived. The world is your muse, your canvas, your inspiration. And like the first sip of coffee in the morning swirling excitingly around your tongue, calling your taste buds to life, is like reading you’re writing and letting the mind come alive with thought. A blog perhaps, but food for thought I think so. very cool.

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