Perplexity of Boring

For some reason, I have it in my head that I should be taking care of myself, eating well, and staying fit.  To this end I have been putting in time for meditation and self reflection, I have been eating more or less healthy food, and I have tried something called ‘exercise’.  The latter has proven the most challenging.  This reality perplexes me and so I gave it some thought.

My conclusion, based upon careful analysis of an idea I pulled completely out of my ass, has lead me to believe that my problem with exercise comes from the fact that it’s boring.  Mental masturbation is always something I’m up for, and eating well makes me feel good, but exercise is so… routine, unfun, and time consuming.  Throughout the summer I did 48 push-ups and 100 sit-ups every other day.  As September wore on, I pushed the routine to every two days.  By October I was lucky if I exercised once a week.  The guilt was killing me, but forcing myself to do exercise became even more distasteful.  I was at an impasse with myself.

It then occurred to me that the path of least resistance towards my goal was to adopt an exercise buddy.  I figured that committing myself to meeting someone at the gym in the morning would be sufficient motivation to get my ass out of bed.  The hardest thing about exercise is getting started, so once I’m already at the gym, I’m good to go.

With this idea in mind, I updated my facebook status, looking for a gym buddy.  Shyanne answered the call and this morning we met at 7:30 and went for a run, stretched, did some sit-ups, and lifted some weights.  Afterwards, my body was protesting, but my mind, free of guilt for the first time in weeks, felt great.

Thanks Shy!

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