Burning Sensation

Heraclitus is NOT the burning sensation you feel in your mind when you think too hard about practicing unsafe philosophy.  I had people over for our philosophy study group last night.  By people, I mean myself, Shy, and another guy.  The rest of the group either had to work or had something better to do.  I hope they all catch Heraclitus.

As of right now, I’m about a scene and a half away from finishing my play.  I expect that I will be finished by the end of today, leaving only editing and minor rewrites left.  I’m looking forward to the reading circle on the 26th.  I expect I’ll have more changes upon ‘hearing’ it for the first time.  I also look forward to any feedback I might get.

No word yet from Canamedia about our projects at MIP.  I don’t intend to bug them until next week.  I expect after such an intense market, they’ve either taken an extra week to themselves while still in Europe, or they hate me.  In the meantime, our ‘development’ funding finally came through for Urban Future, about a month and a half after completing development.  I’m not complaining though… I’ll never complain about checks showing up in the mail.

I am making progress on The Mothers Day Game.  I had a meeting with PJ and Ken on Friday, and I spent the weekend coming up with a one paragraph blurb that describes the game.  Our next steps will include kicking the blurb back and forth and then getting a package prepared for potential sponsors.

Tonight I’ll be meeting Ryan, Richard, and Jeff at the Shark Tank tonight for beer and billiards.  Țuica is not on the menu.

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