Riders & Romanian Fire Water

“Holy Fuck.  Romanian fire water.  I’m fucked!”

That was the text I barely remember sending Cris at 10:23pm on Saturday night.  I believe it was my way of telling her that I would not be fetching my car from her home because I was too drunk to drive (she lives near the stadium).  I scored a free ticket to the game cuz Richard was away.  It was -11 with a wind chill in the stands.  I dressed warm, but it was necessary to maintain the pretense of inner warmth through the consumption of copious amounts of hot chocolate spiked with booze.  Just when the hot chocolate was running out, Benji showed up with an old coca cola bottle filled with a batch of home made, Romanian hooch called țuica.  This was genuine 80 proof Romanian moonshine brought over from Benji’s recent visit to the old country.  It went straight to my toes, making them feel warm.  As a result I drank quite a bit of it.

The game itself was pretty good.  Durant threw 3 first half touchdowns.  The second half was a bit fuzzy for some reason, but the Riders did go on to defeat the Argos 32 – 22.    That’s the extent of my football analysis for the week.  I remember not feeling cold anymore… there was also a girl sitting behind us… Sara with an ‘h’.  Some other guy was sitting down from us, beaking at me about what he thought of my sexual orientation.  It had nothing to do with the game, but he was probably just pissed off about being in the closet.

Walking back from the game was an adventure.  I missed the turn to Benji’s house.  I remember walking down the side walk, seeing the rooftops track passed me in slow motion and me realizing that I might be lost.  I looked towards the stadium and confirmed my suspicion.  Benji’s house has a specific orientation in relation to the Stadium’s position.  I needed to backtrack.

I soon found myself sitting on the couch between Jeff and Jim.  I remember pulling a beer out of my pocket and wondering how it got there.  Jeff explained that he gave it to me when I sat down.  At that point I decided to make myself comfortable next to Benji’s toilet.  I made a special effort to keep things tidy because Benji’s wife Monica would kick my drunken ass, and never let me forget about it if she found splatters anywhere.  Ryan even complimented me on my puking prowess, which is high praise coming from him.

I’d like to thank Jeff for providing me with a safe ride home, Benji for the țuica, Richard for the ticket, and Sara with an ‘h’ for sticking up for me in the stands.  Ryan can take a long hard suck on my arse for trying to swindle the ticket out of me in the first place.

1 thought on “Riders & Romanian Fire Water

  1. if i had realized how wasted you were i wouldn’t have let you wander alone from the stadium… you were 2 more sips away from ending up in someone’s backyard passed out for the night.
    sarah was damn cute by the way.

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