Waiting for the World to Speak to Me

Last night I was hanging out with Shy and we went to Atlantis on our way to Cris’ house.  While we were waiting for our lattes, I fell into a conversation with Ian, an acquaintance, an actor and writer (and barista).  He told be he was helping out with a reading circle with a guy we both know named Alden.

So this morning, I’m sitting here in Atlantis staring at my screen, wondering what I should blog about.  Into the coffee shop walks this very same Alden, an actor who’s in a play at the Globe Theatre right now.  I’ve known Alden for a few years.  He’s a recent graduate of the U of R theatre program, and a hell of an actor.  I’ve also lent him my camera on a few occasions to shoot his own short films.  Alden has been living in Toronto for the last year.

He comes over and starts talking to me and I start telling him about the play I’m writing.  I always had him in mind for one of the roles, and I asked if he would be available to participate in the reading circle when I do it.  He’ll be going back to Toronto at the end of October.  To this end, I set a date, October 26, as the night I will do the reading circle.  As I write this, I realize Kate (our Kate, editor, musician, actor, barista-in-training, and dacian tribe girl) is working the counter behind me.  I’ve also always seen her in one of the roles.  I’ll walk over to her after I’m done blogging and tell her about the reading circle on October 26.

Things are falling into place, all in the last 24 minutes.

Update: Ian was also working today, and he’ll be playing the role of ‘Script Boy’.  How ‘bout that?  I’ve cast half the roles in one coffee stop.

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