Rus-holes, Fall Suppers, and Long Drives

I didn’t really have a plan in mind for how yesterday should unfold.  Those are the best days.

I woke up, surfed a bit, showered, and headed off to Atlantis.  They didn’t have any lemon poppyseed muffins left.  A lady came in about 7 minutes before me and got the last one.  I didn’t freak out.  I didn’t break out into a cold sweat.  I didn’t knock any tables over.  I was very pleased that I was able to have two muffin set-backs in the same week and handle it.  It did take a moment for the truth to set in.  The girl behind the counter seemed amused at my reaction, but I didn’t let that bother me.  So what if I had to pet myself and rock gently back and forth for about 30 seconds or so before responding to her prompts.

In the end, I wound up with an apple bran muffin.  It was delicious, and I seem to remember someone saying something to me once about ‘bran’ being healthy for me.  What the fuck is ‘bran’ anyway?  Bran muffins, bran flakes, raison bran.  Do farmers grow it?  I mean, I’m from the prairies, I’ve seen all kinds of crops before.  I’ve never heard of a bran crop.  I hope it’s not gross, like something they empty out of a cow’s stomach(s) after it’s been slaughtered.

I spent the morning reading old directing assignments for plays I worked on in my directing classes while pondering my own play.  I looked at ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ by Tennessee Williams, and ‘Problem Child’ by George F Walker.  I needed a long walk, or perhaps even a long drive to let my mind peculate all the ideas floating around in my head.  To this end, I found myself point my car down the highway, headed for my dad’s house in Strasbourg.  The 45 minute drive did me good.  I was able to identify the really critical moments of my play, and assess approximately how many scenes I needed to complete the story.  I’m very close, about four or five more scenes should do the trick.

What I thought would be a two hour visit turned into a whole day.  After hanging out at the house for an hour, went to visit my Grama who’s staying in a nursing home in town.  We visited for another hour, recalling old family stories, many from when my dad was still a child.  From there we drove to Earl Grey, a nearby town for a Fall Supper.  It seems hundreds of people came from miles around to take in cabbage rolls, turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy for $8.  Guess who wound up first in line?  That’s right.  Dad, Kathy and I!  We sat down, ate our supper, stayed about forty five minutes.  When we left, the line to get in was still two blocks long.

I showed dad the Urban Future teaser and played four games of Backgammon before moving to the living room to join Kathy.  From there I introduced him to my blog.

I got home around 10:30pm.  It was a really good day.  I only wish I brought my laundry.

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