Selling It!

There’s a lot of momentum at the moment in regards to our projects.  Canamedia LOVES the Urban Future teaser.  They’d never seen anything like it.  They’re taking it to MIP COM in France next month along with Girl Talk, IJ, and Crimes of the Art.  We have four solid projects and I feel like a green light is imminent for at least one of them.

The strategy is to take these projects to the US and UK markets first, before worrying about Canada.  Canada’s television industry is almost completely out of money, making it one of the toughest markets in the world.

In the meantime we will be cutting a 4 minute version of the UF teaser because commissioning editors prefer teasers to be that length.  To this end, I had a SKYPE conference call with Lee at Canamedia, and Blair, an editor he works with on other projects.  Blair does all the big budget promos for CBC, Canwest Global, and CTV.  He’s excited to sink his teeth into Urban Future.

I will also be creating websites for Girl Talk, IJ II, and Crimes of the Art that match the look and feel of the Urban Future website.  A final task will be to mash together elements of IJ I and Urban Future to create a teaser for Crimes of the Art.

There’s something in the air.  I can feel it.

The Big Day

I finished the teaser yesterday… at least a version of it.  There’s still one FX shot that I’d like to put in, and I want to tweak a few things, but it’s done!

You can watch it at  I’d love to hear what you think of it.

After creating the web page, I sent it off to close friends as well as to all the Romanians I crossed paths with while making it.  I also sent it to my contact at CBC and our distributor, Canamedia.

With that, I was in a mood for celebrating and headed off to O’Hanlon’s.  It was my intention to simply drink a pint while reading a book.  What happened instead was a night of perfect serendipity.  I ran into a friend of mine, Debbie, who was sitting with a friend of hers, Deandra.  They invited me to sit with them.  Soon Debbie had to leave so Deandra and I joined some friends of hers at another table.  There I fell into a conversation with a recent film school grad named Cris.  About three pints and one toke later, I decided to head home.

It’s seems that on the very day I completed the teaser, the spirit of Bucharest followed me to O’Hanlon’s.  Just as that city provided one perfect serendipitous moment after another, so it was with O’Hanlon’s.

Things I Work On

I am a generally happy person who lives a rich and rewarding life.  Part of my happiness includes taking the time to work on my flaws.  The following is a laundry list of things I wish to improve about myself;

1. Don’t lie. I’m a generally honest person, but I tend to lie to myself, and occasionally exaggerate to others.

2. Don’t pass rumors. I occasionally get caught up in gossip.

3. Don’t meddle in the lives of others. Not much of a problem anymore, but I used stick my nose in others ppl’s business.

4. Don’t brag about my achievements or attributes. Sometimes my ego gets the best of me.

5. Don’t use force. Something I struggle with, but not as much as I used to. Forcefully arguing a point, or manipulating circumstances used to be a much bigger problem for me. Now, I believe that force is never a good tactic to use in getting my way.

6. Don’t look down on others. I just think that I should be looking in the mirror before I start looking down on others.

7. Don’t envy people. Everyone has something that I don’t have, just as I have something they don’t have. I’m learning to be content with who I am, and what I have.

8. Don’t use flattery JUST to please people. It’s a sign of low self esteem, and is right up there with lying. I still catch myself violating this principle when I’m trying to get laid.

9. Don’t be pleased with flattery that comes my way. It’s nice to get, but it’s nothing to live for. I have to be above what others say about me, good or bad.

10. Don’t insult others with what I think is correct. All perspectives are equal and truth is subjective.

11. Don’t complain. I think I’m pretty good with this one now.

12. Don’t argue habitually. It’s a fine line between exchanging ideas and masturbating your ego. If I feel I, or the person I’m talking to is falling into the later category, I abruptly end the conversation and try to get my mind on something more positive.

13. Practice more patience. Things go easier when I take the time to look around, breathe, see what’s happening, and take the easiest, least resistant path towards my goal.