The legend goes something like this…  Auntie Ann and Auntie Mary were both sitting around the table with other family members for some occasion.  As is typical for any function in my family, people started squabbling about something no one remembers.  What people do recall however, is that Annie and Mary were on opposite sides of the argument.

At one point things got so heated that Annie reached into her bra, pulled out her fake boob, and threw it at Mary.  The room went stunned silent.  Like Mary, Annie was a survivor of breast cancer, hence the readily available ammunition.  No one saw that fake boob coming, especially at the supper table.  They just sat there staring at each other.  Did that really just happen?

Annie was known for her crazy antics.  She was always one of the biggest personalities in the room.  So while no one expected her to actually fling a fake boob at Mary, at the supper table no less, it wasn’t something that was all that surprising either.

The two just sat there, staring at each other, with these kind of serious looks on their faces.  No one at the table said a word.  No one dared move… except for Mary… who reached into her own bra, pulled out her own fake boob, and threw it back at Annie.  The room erupted into laughter and a legend was born.

A year ago today, Annie left us.  Mary had preceded her by a few months.  Cancer.

I remember driving out of the cemetery at Annie’s funeral.  Six big semi trucks lead the way, horns blaring, taking us out on a sonic blaze of glory.  I think we shook the neighborhood.  My heart was heavy, yet somehow it felt like soaring.  It was a perfect send off.  Annie always had that effect on people.

Thank you so much for touching my life Annie.  Memory eternal.

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