Riders 23 – Esks 20

Rain was howling with the wind last night.  As I slept I could hear my patio furniture blowing around and knocking against each other on my balcony.  It was a great evening to be inside and somehow, everything seems so much better when the Riders win, even the wind and rain.

The Riders won the back end of a home and home series last night in Edmonton.  Winds gusted to 50km/h and both offenses had problems moving the ball.  Durant threw three interceptions but still managed to out play his counterpart, Ricky Ray, who turned in an almost magical, near perfect performance last week.  Durant moved the offense when it mattered most.  He had to, because it was our own mistakes which lead to the majority of Edmonton’s points.  It seemed at times that we were playing both ourselves and the Schmoes.  Still, it was a win and we now sit in first place in the West Division standings.

I began the day by taking in Shy’s softball game at Rambler Park.  She’s a rookie on the U of R’s softball team.  I’m not really into softball, but I did want to show my support for her.  After the game I set off for the University and began working on memorizing a monologue that I’ve always wanted to learn.  It’s the ‘Inches’ speech that Al Pacino delivers to his football team in ‘Any Given Sunday’.

In about an hour I managed to learn half of it.  I’ll review it again today, and begin working on the rest of it in the coming days.  It’s best not to rush memory work because it’s easy to fool yourself into believing that you know something, when you actually don’t.  When you do it right, you can lock stuff away forever.  I still know monologues I learned 15 years ago and I can rattle them off at 3x speed.  Once I’ve learned the ‘Inches’ speech, I plan to learn ‘Howl’ by Alan Ginsberg, perhaps the most important poem written in the 20th century.

From the University, I headed home, packed up my dirty laundry, picked up Cris, and headed to mom’s to do laundry and watch the game.  Afterwards I watched movies with Nicole at my place.

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