I’m just flowing.  Until someone or something comes along to make me want to change my course, I will follow my nose down a tributary with no particular destination in mind.  In the meantime I worry about the emotions of others as I come and go through their lives.  I question the virtue of my intentions.  I question the extent to which my hand guides the rudder.

In this period of self reflection I question what I truly want for myself.  What is it beyond career, projects, and people that will truly complete me?  Will I ever find it, or is it simply the journey that matters most?

If I let go of all my selfish wants, is it possible to still be happy?  Is it even possible to have a want that isn’t in some way rooted in selfishness?

I’m reading about living in harmony with all things around me.  I believe it is possible to achieve my goals without upsetting the balance of everything and everyone around me.  The trick is to pay attention to all the balls in the air.  I’m one of them, and if I want to wind up somewhere, I have to be smart about how I navigate towards the destination.  If I can step back, and see everything for what it is, I can take the simplest, least resistant path.

I can be like water.  Water flows along the easiest, least resistant path.  It benefits all things.  It conforms to its environment, yet possesses incredible strength.  It can carve through mountains and shatter rock.  It can take flight, and it can land anywhere.

I just heard that scientists found water on the moon.

1 thought on “Flow

  1. water needs a source or it evaporates into nothingness

    likewise, you need a source beyond yourself to sustain yourself

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