Really Really Real

After conducting some research on the PJ project, I decided that I could be doing more to help the environment.  With that in mind, I updated my facebook status, offering any downtown residents a free ride to the university on Tuesday and Thursday mornings when I also have class.  Jenn took me up on the offer and so I picked her up yesterday morning and arrived at school early enough for us to have a coffee at Common Ground.  Shyanne bumped into us in the hallway and the three of us wound up sitting together.

I’m enjoying this Philosophy class.  We’re talking about reality as the ancient Greek and Eastern philosophers saw it.  It’s been quite challenging for some of my class mates but I’m finding the conversation quite familiar.  There’s been more than a few occasions in my life where I’ve questioned the appearance of reality.  The discussions also coincide with my readings on Taoism.  In fact, we actually wound up talking about Lau Tzu and his teachings in Taoism.  Shy always walks out of class looking like she got run over by a metaphysical bus.

After lunch I headed into the office to tweak the websites for Girl Talk, InJustice, and Crimes of the Art.  I also spent the day researching 3D Stereoscopic production & delivery.  It took me an hour just to stumble onto the technically correct term for it.  I had previously entered ‘3D HD’ which didn’t get me very far.

I have a really good feeling about the immediate future.  I’ll be sure to let you know how things pan out over the next few weeks.

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