The Following is an email from our distributor yesterday;

Hey Jarrett,

Something just came to our attention that I wanted to pass by you as it might be a good opportunity.  We’ve just received word that one of our big clients will be launching a 24/7  3D HD channel next year and they’ve asked to see what we might have.

Given the style you created for Injustice I’m wondering if you might have the ability to do the same show or a tweak of the show like Art Crimes in 3D?  I know you would need a 3D camera (which are available in Canada) which we could of course get but I’m wondering how hard it would be to actually execute.  Let me know.

I know that 3DHD is the future of television and I’ve now seen the new tv’s in Cannes.  They don’t require glasses and are truly spectacular to watch.  I watched a tennis game and thought I was in the first row. Anyway…let me know.



I told Lee that we could do it, even though I had no idea how we would pull it off.  I wasn’t worried though, we had no idea how we were going to make InJustice when we started either.  In that case, we had to throw out almost everything we learned about production, and invent our own techniques.  In this case, I think we’ll only have to make a few slight adjustments to what we’re already doing.

I spent yesterday theorizing and learning more about HD 3D.  I don’t think we’ll need a fancy camera either.  I believe we can do it by, adding a second still camera, having both cameras set at precise angles, with fixed lenses, and fired simultaneously via remote control.  From there we combine the left and right images in After Effects to create the 3D effect.  This technique could allow us to do some really interesting things with two virtual cameras in one 3D space.  My mind is churning with the possibilities.

Once again, we’re going to try and do what’s never been done before.

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