The Next Big Thing

What a difference a day makes.  My clean slate has become muddied with a new project.

Shortly after writing my last blog entry, I left Atlantis and made my way over to Wascana Park.  I talked to PJ on my cell phone while doing a lap around the lake.  In an hour and a half we came up with a plan to put our new project in motion.  I don’t want to say much at this stage because this project is potentially HUGE.  We’ve already secured a commitment from a very influential game developer in the new media industry and a lot of predevelopment work has already taken place.  I need to spend the next week learning more about the project, and looking at the funding sources a little bit closer.  PJ needs to hone the creative idea down a bit further and get it to me by the end of next week.  I’ll probably be heading down to Vancouver around Thanksgiving to do a face to face with PJ and meet with Telefilm.  I’ll also be taking the opportunity to see friends and spend time with the Jasminator.

Wish us luck!

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