Clean Slates

The only problem with a clean slate is the absolute reluctance I feel to get started on dirtying it up again.  I have the same problem when I write… it seems to take a mammoth effort to bring myself to make a mark on the clean white page when I first start.  After about three sentences, I’m locked in and I’m completely focused on finding just the right words to form yet more sentences with.

Clean slates I think are far more complicated to muddy up.  You can’t just dive in and start writing sentences (metaphorically speaking).  You need to sit there and do nothing for a little while.  You need to let the next steps come to you, rather than you going to them.  Otherwise you can get yourself started down the wrong path and the effort it takes to correct your course will wind up being more costly and time consuming than simply sitting around waiting for it to unfold in the first place.

Still, I’m not sure if it’s just the whispers of procrastination speaking in that last paragraph, or if I really am tapping something that makes sense.

[some minutes pass while Jarrett ponders the thought… also distracted by a pretty girl in a sun dress]

It’s a combination of the two methinks.  I do have projects on the back burner that I’ve been thinking about.  There’s the Cuba project that I can attempt to breathe life back into.  There’s a kite boarding teaser that I can get started on.  There’s a promising project that PJ and I want to work on together.  I also have a feature film script that’s kicking around in the back of my mind entitled, “Really Crude, Artistically Devoid, Morally Bankrupt, But Not Pornographic, Crappy Movie.”  It’s based on a play that I wrote.  I also have an epic sized documentary series that’s been in the works for some time called, ‘Fresh’.

So… I do have things that I want to get started on… great big things, with great big road maps.  And these are on top of the four projects that I just put out the door.  What’s going to happen to these back burner projects if/when the first four projects need my attention sometime within the next six weeks?

[Jarrett stops cold upon writing that last sentence.  It seems he has been struck by an epiphany]

Hmmm…. I feel like I’ve just had an epiphany.  It seems I have a six week window to get one of these back burner projects done.

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