Dark Roast and a Saskatoonberry Muffin

“I’ll have a dark roast and a Saskatoonberry muffin please.”

Almost every morning since I’ve been back from Bucharest, my day has begun at Atlantis with that phrase.  I’m getting to know all of the staff very well… some I’ve know for years.  I like to start my day there, reading the newspaper, surfing, and writing.  After an hour or so I move on to whatever I need to get done for the day. And yet, every morning, I always get the same response, “To stay or to go?”

You’d think they’d catch on by now.  Clearly they’re just not paying attention.  But then again, maybe they’re just not that into me?  Maybe they’re politely asking me to get out.

“To stay or to go?”  I feel like mutherfucking Hamlet all of a sudden. Not sure what to think.  Not sure where to go.  Maybe they just want me to start ordering lattes.  But I don’t want lattes in the morning.  I want a regular cup of dark roast coffee… and a Saskatoonberry muffin.

And maybe I’m just being paranoid, but I noticed they started bringing in a herd of office workers every week day at 10am.  They take up all the spots and if I’m not in Atlantis on time, I have nowhere to sit.  And what’s with the jerk who always takes my spot?  I like to sit in the same spot everyday… at the ounter top, facing the window, closest chair to the door.

“To stay or to go?”  Now that I think about it, I remember a slight inflection on the ‘go’ part.  No one else would detect such an inflection, but I’m trained in inflections.  I spent a year in voice class working on inflections.  I KNOW WHEN SOMEONE’S INFLECTING ME TO GO!

Well… no.  I ain’t going.  I’m staying and I’m going to order dark roast coffee and I’m going to eat Saskatoonberry fucking muffins, and I’m going to sit here and surf, and sit and read my book and sit and… JUST TO PISS ‘EM ALL OFF!!!!

My book is about finding inner peace.

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