Riders 55 – Bombers 10

I nearly came in my pants when the Riders flirted with putting 60 points on the board during yesterday’s game.  Towards the end of the game, they actually tried NOT to score in an act of mercy (the ultimate insult).  Almost everything the team did, worked.

My enthusiasm over the Riders is tempered however.  Winnipeg is the worst team in the league.  We play Edmonton next weekend and we’ll see how we fair against a better opponent.  The thing I like about this team though, is that they get incrementally better every week.  Montreal is the class of the league and they’re showing signs of slipping, as are other teams.  At this point in the season, I could see Saskatchewan and Hamilton playing in the Grey Cup.

The following is my list of teams on the rise, showing incremental improvement every week;

  1. 1.Saskatchewan
  2. 2.Hamilton
  3. 3.Calgary
  4. 4.Toronto

The following is my list of teams in decline either because they’re peaking right now, or they’re hopeless.

  1. 1.Winnipeg
  2. 2.BC
  3. 3.Edmonton
  4. 4.Montreal

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