Art Opening

Last night I found myself standing in Carolyn’s backyard with about 50 people.  She was having an art opening.  Her paintings were hanging on walls all over her home and Ben Surhis, the King of House Concerts, was playing to a receptive crowd.

There was a beer in my hand, and Mel Schnell was at my side with her new baby boy, Gabriel.  I talked to Nadia and bumped into all sorts of people I hadn’t seen in some time.  Most of us were film people.  Sarah and Leon just finished working on a movie and there was no new work on the horizon.  Sarah even talked about getting a regular job.  She said it with absolute disgust.  Ours, is a lifestyle with tremendous freedom, unlimited potential, devastating downsides, and no middle.  A real job is all middle with no upside, and the downside is the possibility of doing the same thing, in the same way, for the rest of your life.

Collectively, we’re a pretty weird lot.  Perfect for a backyard art opening house party concert.

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