I finished another 31s section of the teaser, the designer’s intro.  It’s closer to being completed than it was yesterday when it was not as close to being as done as it is now.  I intend to go into the office today and continue working on it, rendering it much closer to being complete tomorrow than it was today when it was not nearly as close as it was yesterday.

In the afternoon I spent a few hours in Strasbourg with Dad and Kathy.  Strasbourg isn’t very close to Regina, but it’s much closer than Bucharest is, which is also much farther away than Vancouver is to Calgary.

I also watched a movie at Cris’ last night.  ‘Two Lovers’ is a story about a guy who wind up in a relationship with two women.  Neither relationship really followed a charted course… they happened almost by accident.  The movie would have been better if one of the women was much closer to being multidimensional than she really was.

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