And Then Another One Comes

If you were to watch the Urban Future teaser right now, you would see a loose assemblage of black holes, half edited segments, and polished special effects compositions.  It looks nowhere near done, but looks can be deceiving.  I finished another 26s composition last night AND recorded the final narration.  Mac finished the Arcul de Triumf comp that she’d been working on for two weeks, as well as completing the Vancouver intro.  Amber continues to make progress on the title sequence and Chrystene completed the illustrated elements for the opening sequence.  We are very very close now.  My goal is to have it done by Sept 1.

I must have seen it 27 thousand times by now, but I am very pleased with how good it’s looking.

The process of putting this teaser together has been a little bit like building a house from the inside out.  Most of its ‘parts’ have been prefabricated in After Effects and then assembled in the Final Cut Pro time line.  Other parts are pre-pre-assembled in Adobe Photoshop before being brought into After Effects.  This is the same process we used when we edited InJustice.  The difference this time is that we are incorporating HD footage in the time line, and we’re also using a lot of traditional editing techniques as well.  InJustice was described as ‘groundbreaking’ for its special effects, look and feel, but it was also criticized for being a bit too different from traditional television programming.  We felt that by bringing back some of the old school stuff, we could ground Urban Future a bit more, without losing any of its edge.

The above photo is something I stitched together in Photoshop from some of the stills I took in Bucharest.  I named it the Bucharest Wall and brought it into After Effects where I put it in a 3D space.  I then ran a virtual camera over it to complete the comp.  I like it because it really shows off the extremes of Bucharest.  The camera travels through each scene, through these different parts of the city, elegantly smashing through the barriers of space and time.  I find it very poetic.

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