Goodbye, See you Soon

It’s been a summer of ‘Goodbyes’.  Good bye Laura.  Good bye Bucharest.  Good bye Sandra.  Good bye Joce.  Good bye PJ.  Good bye Vancouver.

I put my little girl on a plane this morning.  She kept hugging me and holding my hand.  “I love you daddy, I’ll miss you” was the last thing she said to me before disappearing down the hallway.

“Good bye Jazzy.  I’ll miss you too.”

Last night Jazzy and I went to the pool and had a great swim together.  She showed me what she learned from her lessons, and I taught her some of the things I learned from my days as a competitive swimmer.  I taught her how to kick efficiently under water, how to time her breathing during the front crawl, how to find her ‘safe floaty place’ if she ever panics, how to relax while floating effortlessly and more.

Usually my mind wanders at regular intervals.  Not so this time.  Jazzy and I spent almost two hours in the pool, and while she was in the water with me, my entire focus was on her.  It was the same when I was teaching her how to use Adobe After Effects.  My greatest bonding moments with Jazzy have been when I’ve tried to teach her something.  It was in those moments that I truly felt I was ‘living in a moment.’  With that in mind, we came up with a brand new plan.  She’s going to take guitar lessons, and once she’s learned enough, I’m going to get her to teach me.

It’ll be about two months before I see her again.  I have so many things I want to do with her when that time comes.  Learning new things with her will be one of them.

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