Minute Man

I’m not pissed off anymore about that forum thing.  Yes, I’ve worked on rebalancing myself, and I’ve been focusing my energies on more productive and positive endeavors, but mostly I’m not pissed off anymore cuz the guy said something nice about the photos I took the other day.  It seems my enlightenment party will be shelved until further notice.

The big buzz in the city last night was the AC/DC concert.  38,000 took in the show at Mosaic Stadium (including 1,000 workers).  I’m guessing most of those in attendance aren’t true AC/DC fans, they just wanted to be a part of a big event in Regina.  It was the same thing when the Rolling Stones played here two years ago.  It wound up being the 7th highest grossing concert event in North America.  Tickets were like $300 each.  I don’t think AC/DC was as expensive, but it was still up there.

Jazzy did a sleep-over at Twyla’s (PJ’s sister), so I spent most of my evening in the edit suite.  I finished another minute of the Urban Future teaser.  Half of it was a complicated After Effects composition.  I ran a virtual camera through 3D space across a number of 2D objects.  It could use some tweaks, but it’s pretty good.  I want to move on to other sections of the teaser.  I continue to be excited about it.  Can’t wait to show you all!

Actually, I can’t wait to show you the series when it’s finished, probably about a year and a half from now.

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