Jazzy The After Effects Goofinator

I am sooooooooo proud of my little girl.  Today I had her working in the edit suite, converting jpeg sequences into HD footage.  She loved it.

She used a software application called ‘Preview’ to literally sort through thousands of photographs, using her own discretion to find the best sequences.  She then had to label the sequence, and then import the sequence into another software application called Adobe After Effects.  Once the sequences were brought in, she had to rename them based on the label, convert the frame rate, and place it into the composition.  From there she would decide upon the best way to frame and scale the composition, based upon the action in the sequence.  Again, this was all based on her own discretion.  The final step was to apply visual effects to the composition and add it to the render cue.

In five hours she created 9 HD clips out of 21 jpeg sequences totaling about 7 minutes of footage.  Very tedious and time consuming work, and yet invaluable to the overall project.  The final version of the Urban Future teaser will have her hand in it, and I couldn’t be happier.

It was a great day to be her daddy.

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