A Typical Saturday

This evening I was hanging out in my friend’s living room and her ex saw my car parked in front of her house.  As he tried to break the door down, I sat there calmly on the couch thinking, ‘Great.  Here lies Jarrett.  Killed by jealous ex husband.’  Fortunately the deadbolt held and he couldn’t get in.  When he tried to come through the window I rose to my feet to prepare for whatever was about to happen.  I was aware that he made death threats against her in times passed.  She called the cops.  He left as soon as he saw the phone in her hand.

When the cops came by, they couldn’t get in because the deadbolt wouldn’t retract.  We couldn’t get out, they couldn’t come in.  She gave her statement to them through the window and they went looking for him.  In the meantime we spent an hour fumbling with the lock so we could get out.  There was no back door.  Eventually the neighbors lent us some tools and I disassembled the deadbolt.

I didn’t get home until 2:30am.  Just another quiet Saturday.

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