Rolled into Regina at about 3pm.  It’s good to be home.

I had nothing but time on my mind as the miles went by.  My thoughts turned to Vancouver… and Bucharest… and the memories of all the people who have crossed my path in the last few weeks… and of those who have been in my life for significantly longer than that.  Where is my place in all of it?

Not Vancouver methinks.  I think Vancouver is a beautiful city with lots to do.  PJ and Jazzy are there.  Lots of other friends are there.  Still… I don’t think I would ever be comfortable calling Vancouver home.  I don’t understand why… perhaps I’d feel like I’d be cheating on Regina.  I don’t know… maybe it’s just not my kind of place.  I think I’m more of a Toronto type of guy.  I don’t understand that last statement either.

Bucharest is my home away from home.  I’ve left a piece of myself there.  I intent to keep it that way.

Regina is… home.  I really like this city.  Like Bucharest, I feel like something big is going on right now.  The city is changing, shedding a stagnant past for a bright future.  We’re building a dome, we’re redoing our downtown, we’re leading the continent in economic growth, we have Wascana Park.  My family is here.  My friends are here.  My beloved Roughriders are here.  There is no shortage of beautiful woman.  Everything I enjoy about the other cities I’ve visited, I can do here… just differently.

This is the city that made me who I am.

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