Jazzy Daddy Date

Woke up this morning in Golden, British Columbia and ended up on a couch in PJ’s office in Vancouver about seven hours later.  1,740 kilometres in 15 hours.  I like long road trips through the mountains.  I like to take the turns at high speeds, I like the scenery, I like the crappy reception you get on the radio that leads eventually to several hours of silence.  Nothing but the sound of the tires humming on the road and my thoughts wandering aimlessly through my mind.

I hadn’t checked my email for a day and a half and I was shaking pretty bad.  I spent an hour licking my inbox and I was fine after that.

It was 5:15 and I wanted to take Jazzy out on a date.  We always go to a movie on the first night I’m in town.  On this occasion it was Harry Potter that we went to see.  Neither of us are big fans, and it was a challenge to try and follow along… but the challenge was made even greater by a power failure which occurred about half way through the move.

Imagine a whole theatre full of people just sitting there in the dark, doing nothing.  At first, no one said anything.  Then the cell phones came out, and people started to use the displays as light sources.  After a couple of minutes we were told that the power was out throughout the whole building and it wasn’t coming back on.  We were asked to sit in the dark, while they evacuated the building, theatre by theatre.  It took about 15 minutes before it was our turn to leave.  They provided us with complementary tickets to another show on our way out.  Surprisingly, no one was freaked out or mad because we had to sit there in the dark.

After that, Jazzy and I found a hotel room in downtown Vancouver.  We were given a room on the 11th floor, and both of us were too freaked out to step out onto the balcony.    It was a great night.

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