The Importance of Being Important

Today was the sort of day where I just strapped myself in and held on.  Meetings all day long over many different things, in many different ways.  I started off in Atlantis, then took in a meeting on the 20th floor of tower two in the McCallum Hill Centre Towers, then a meeting with Chrystene at Java Express to talk about Urban Future.  From there, three hours of shooting around Regina with Kate’s sister Sage.  While Sage was shooting, I slipped away to take in yet another meeting.  We wrapped less than an hour later and I began my final meeting of the day, this time with Amber in the edit suite, and Chystene on iChat.

We have finalized the plans for some really great After Effects compositions for Urban Future.  It’s going to be, approximately fucking fantastic.  I was impressed with how important I appeared to be throughout all of it.  In reality, I just hitched my wagon to some incredibly talented individuals and stepped back.  I just can’t say enough great things about this team.

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