The Silent Treatment

A good friend is someone you feel comfortable not talking to while in their presence.

I watched the Rider Game at Shawn’s house today.  We’ve been friends for over two decades.  It doesn’t feel that long… it doesn’t feel like anything.  Water is wet, sky is blue and Shawn’s just always been Shawn.  He shot me with a paintball gun in his living room once.  He stole my best man’s girl friend at my wedding (she turned out to be a bitch, so the joke was on him).  We drank a batch of his homemade wine once and proceeded to have outer body experiences.  He threw out the rest of the batch after that.  There’s a life time of memories there.  And yet, the greatest testament to our friendship is the fact that we can sit in a room together, and not feel the need to kill the silence with talking sounds.

Afterwards I headed over to the Caledonia Curling Club where another friend, Cris, was competing in a Roller Derby bout.  She’s known as ‘Curly Mae’ on the track.  Trashy fish net stockings, short skirts, elbows flying, and girls getting nasty with each other.  I’d never seen anything like it.  It was like NASCAR meeting PMS.  I didn’t even know what to watch for at first, but after a while I was getting into it… once all my fear subsided.

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