Firing Up the Machine

It was a kick ass, mother fucking, barn storming, no holds barred, full steam ahead, no looking back assault upon the silence in the edit suite today.  The Tribe of Dacian is back!  The funky cool brew we hatched up with InJustice is ready for another evolutionary revolution of the creative wheels a turning up the volume for another round of ‘shit we ain’t never done before.’  It feels sooooo good to be working with the team again.

After spending two days organizing and culling the footage from Bucharest, I met with the editors today.  The excitement in the room was palpable.  After spending almost two hours looking at it, we began to break the footage down into special effects compositions.  We have some really exciting things planned.  Music, art, photography, HD video, and 2D animation in a 3D space, all wrapped up in a really tight package that moves seamlessly from one beat to the next.  Can’t wait to show you!

The best part was watching the editors respond to the raw footage.  They were genuinely excited about it and they seemed genuinely impressed with Bucharest, warts and all.  It was like watching a four headed diamond cutter eyeing up a big rock, looking for the perfect place to make that first cut.  Mostly, it’s just awesome to be firing up the machine again.  I really missed everyone.

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