March of the Pigeons

Pigeons have a responsibility in the role they play towards the unfortunate events that befall them.  For thousands of years they have evolved to build their nests in high places as a protective measure against predators.  This strategy has proven very successful as the pigeon species continues to thrive.

However, when pigeons ignore the wisdom of those who came before them by repeatedly laying their eggs in the layer of a predator, they are in effect, shitting all over that wisdom.  Mind you, pigeons shit all over everything anyway.  And so it was with this thought in mind that I was able to refrain from guilt as I chucked their eggs off my balcony, for the 4th time this year.

I am having a battle of wills with a single pair of pigeons.  Since the spring, this pair has been trying to live on my balcony, laying their eggs, and crapping all over everything.  Pigeons are supposed to be smart.  They are supposed to catch on that certain habitats are unfriendly.  These two will not accept that.  If I were an owl, I would have eaten them both by now.

Aside from chucking pigeon eggs off my balcony, the absolute highlight of my day was having a beer with my friend Cris.  Cris left for a month long trip to Italy in June.  I left for Romania before she returned.  So it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other.  We were both giddy with enthusiasm to tell each other about our respective trips, and of course, hear about each other’s adventures.  The problem with this scenario was the ebb and flow of the conversation.  As interested as we were in each other’s stories, we both seemed even more anxious to do most of the talking.  I’d have to describe the energy as a kind of retarded ADD sharing experience, but in a good way.  It’s clear that it will take several more beers and visits before we get to the end of our conversation.

I finished loading the HD footage from the Bucharest Shoot.  I am really pleased with it and I am looking forward to sinking my teeth into it tomorrow.

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