Romanian Wanderer

I did a little bit of night photography after I wrote my blog last night.  I shot an exterior of a new shopping complex that’s being built.  It will contain only expensive brand name stores.  The exterior of the building is covered in fiber optic lighting and video screens.  It’s a modern, technologically advanced building located directly across from the Old Centre.

Afterwards, I found a cocktail bar that had wireless, so I went there to transfer my photos to my hard drive.  This bar had a concept where they tried to educate you about different types of cocktails.  You were welcome to come behind the bar and work with the bar tender on creating a brand new drink as well.  Well… that was right up my alley.  For 23 lei I taught the bar tender how to make a drink I accidently invented at a Christmas party last year.  It starts out sweet and minty like a Mojito but finishes bitter, citrusy, and confused.  It’s called a ‘Romanian Wanderer’ and I’d like to mix you one sometime.  The reviews have been positive.

I spent the day lugging around the HD camera package.  I used a combination of public transportation and my feet to get around town… it was the most efficient way to shoot.  My shoulders did protest however as the added weight made for a very very long day, but the pain was worth it.  I shot some really nice footage and got two really great interviews.  The second interview was with a girl who turned out to be an architecture student.

Towards evening, I dropped my stuff off at the hotel and collapsed on my bed.  I just needed a few minutes to let my body rest.  My shoulders continued to feel the phantom weight of the camera package pulling down on them, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t convince them that the weight wasn’t real anymore.  My feet joined in on the party, perhaps jealous that my shoulders were getting all the sympathy.  After that, all the muscles in my body started clamoring for attention.  It was like being in a gymnasium with a bunch of screaming children.  My brain and I were having none of it… we decided that the inmates were not going to run this asylum, so we WALKED to the Hard Rock Cafe, sat at the bar, read, and drank a couple of Tuborgs.

This was my last day in Bucharest.  My headspace was a bit rattled… caught somewhere between keeping my mind on my job, and counting my final hours in a city I’ve grown very close to.  Laura has been away visiting family near Iasi, so aside from having a drink with the Architecture student I interviewed, I spent the day alone with my thoughts.

Leaving Bucharest for the third time is different.  My goodbye to Laura was a 1am bleary eyed hug and a kiss at the train station nearly a week ago after getting back from Vama Veche.  It was more of a ‘see you in a few days’ type of a good bye, rather than the dramatic farewell of my last two visits.  It feels that way with this city too.  I’ll be back soon… just keep my seat warm.


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