I started my day by walking through the grocery store across from Laura’s place.  Grocery shopping is quite the adventure when you can’t read the labels.  Booze is cheap.  Romanian distilled booze is cheaper.  Pizdos!

After making breakfast I set off alone for Universitate on Bus 268.  My first priority was to get my Romanian cell phone working.  I walked south along Bratianu Blvd.  My, how the place had changed since I last walked this stretch.  There’s a cool new building with a video wall covering portions of its exterior.  Unirii Shopping Centre was now a full meal deal mall with 5 levels.  Cosmote, my cell phone provider was closed for inventory.  Pula Mea!

I was hungry so I went looking for a place with ambience to hang out in.  Found a cafe called ‘Cafepedia’ with free wireless high speed internet.  The building was located across from the University.  I fell into some writing that I had to do for InJustice, and when I was finished, I started researching the 1989 Romanian Revolution.   I felt a chill going up my spine as I youtubed a video about it.  There, amongst the fighting and blood, and chaos, and debris, was the building I was currently sitting in.  I saw the window that I was currently sitting behind.  In that moment, I looked back out that window towards the ghosts of history from 20 years ago.

After a few hours, Laura joined me and we headed off to The Milk Log.  We closed that place down and then found our way to McDonalds for some late night cholesterol, then home on bus 368 where we watched movies until 4am.

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